inTune Academy of Music inTune Academy of Music

Private Lessons, one on one instruction with a qualified teacher.
Beginner students quickly learn the basics of their instrument.
Our goal is to have the student playing music they enjoy to make the learning process more fun.
If you or your child have never played before this is the place to start. All ages welcome!
Intermediate level musicians will quickly develop and master time saving techniques to improve their skills.
Lessons learned here will ready the student for advanced training and the skill needed to perform for live audiences.
Advanced training is available for the young prodigy through the working musician.
Advanced training sessions are usually 1hr sessions and focus on bringing the musician to expert level.

inTune Academy Program, Students looking to immerse themselves in music and performance,
inTune has developed a truly unique experience with our inTune Academy Program.
Here, our students will experience music on a whole different level.
The program consists of both private and group instruction.
Academy classes consist of a total of 3 hours weekly instruction.
1 hour each week is devoted to individual instruction and 2 hours a week towards group instruction.
Students will receive training on a variety of topics from sound engineering, lighting,
staging, writing, promotion, choreography and rehearsals.
At the end of the program students will perform live in their own original band! Recommended ages 11 to 17.

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Kurt Englebert - Guitar - Bass Guitar

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, I returned to my hometown of Princeton, NJ, where I currently teach, perform, and record music. Guitar is my principal instrument, though music production is also an area of interest. Under the pseudonym, "Kurt Classic," I have created 2 solo albums to date and produced several other collaborative efforts. I can get a basic beginner started through helping an advanced student excel on their instrument.

Peter Hraur - Piano - Guitar

Peter Hraur is a multi-talented instrumentalist from the Philadelphia Area. He has been teaching guitar and piano to students of all ages since 2008. He is also an accomplished composer, winning his first composition competition at the age of 10 for the Delaware Valley Philharmonic Orchestra. Students find him to be a very fun and relaxed individual to be around and lessons are always enjoyable as well as educational.


Dominick Petrellese - Guitar - Bass Guitar

A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music, Dom has seen more than 40 countries around the world and performed with some very well known people in music industry such as The Nelson Brothers, Kenny James, The Drifters, Marty Allen, The Coasters, The Platters, The Temptations, and dozens more. Dom is well qualified to instruct every level from starter to advanced player on guitar.


Jason Foreman - Piano

Jason is a graduate of Ramapo College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. He has had great experience in piano instruction for the beginning student and excels with the young beginner, making learning fun and enjoyable.


Grace Subervi - Voice

Grace is a talented vocal coach and instructor with a vocal range to mezzo soprano. She has a great easy going personality and has experience teaching the professional vocalist to starting off the young beginner interested in learning the skills necessary to develop voice and ear training.


Vince Troyani - Saxaphone - Flute

Vince is a graduate of William Patterson College and an experienced woodwind teacher. He plays professionally in several jazz ensembles in the area and has experience teaching private students for both marching band, contemporary band and ensemble playing in all styles of music.


Chris Thatcher - Drums

A music teacher in band at Old Bridge Regional Schools, Chris is a working musician playing drums for the group "Streetlight Manifesto" and specially qualified to get the young student started on drums and percussion.

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